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Starting a blog

March 5, 2016 · 1 min

So, this is finally it. I made the first step towards starting my own blog. Who could have thought?

Well, I did actually. Back in high school when my female friends had blogs I actually felt a desire to start my own blog to, and I quote myself, "be the only blogger that actually writes about something meaningful". I have grown quite a bit since then (almost exclusively mentally, to my own despair), and now I realise that having a blog could actually be a quite stimulating thing for me. I often feel that my thoughts are stuck in my head, and what better way to get them out than by venting to the entire world over the Internet?

Enough rambling, let's get to the point. This blog will for me be a way to channel my thoughts onto something more permanent than my fluttering mind. The posts will probably mostly be about code, side projects, self development and startup ideas, as these are my main interests and they occupy my mind most of the time.

Writing my own blog engine

As I am a software developer and code monkey to the core, of course I am going to write my own blog engine to house my own, special blog. My ideas for this engine is that the posts should be kept in their own git repository, completely separated from all the code, including the markup, styling and backend logic. My vision is that I can just commit a new markdown file to my posts repo, and everything else will take care of itself without me having to do anything.

So, the blog engine will be some kind of program that listens for commits, pulls new posts when needed, parses all the information about the post from the markdown file and the metadata in the repo, and then finally renders it in some beautiful way.

I have many ideas about features for this engine, but more on that later. We'll just have to see where it ends up!

That's everything for this time. I'm trying not to get stuck building the "perfect" first blog post. I just want to get started!

Signing off,