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Waking Up In New York City

June 9, 2017 · 1 min

Today I woke up with a smile on my lips. Well, it's hard not to when you wake up in the heart of The Big Apple, looking down on a sunny 5th Avenue with people and cars drifting by in a mellow I-know-where-I'm-going-but-I'm-not-in-a-rush way. I thought New York City was going to feel more stressful, but I guess not.

So what I am doing here? Those of you who know me probably already know that I am moving to the US for 10 months, starting yesterday. I have been fortunate enough to land not one, but two internships at big tech companies in the US, namely Google and Yelp in New York City and San Francisco respectively. My next 10 months will be spent working in and exploring two of the most exciting cities in the world1, and it's safe to say that I am hyper excited!

Even though my original flight got cancelled, I arrived to JFK 6.5 hours later than originally planned, my suitcase got lost in transit, and the taxi ride to Manhattan cost $70, I still can't do anything but smile. Waking up in New York City feels so surreal, and I sincerely believe that I have the best 10 months of my life ahead of me.

Now I'm off to explore the city, before Monday arrives and my internship at Google starts.

This is so awesome.

  1. Do I need a source for this? Shit, It feels like my writing has lost its edge after spending the spring writing a Bachelor's Thesis.